East Ithaca Trail and Preserve

A hiker walks a portion of the East Ithaca Recreation Way on the side of Snyder Hill, not far from Cornell University.

East Ithaca Recreation Way on the slope of Snyder Hill by the Eastern Heights neighborhood. Click on the picture for a map of Town of Ithaca parks and trails.

The Town of Ithaca, NY has created suburban trails, including the East Ithaca Recreation Way. This section is served by a bus stop on Pine Tree Road and a parking lot on Snyder Hill Road.

TCAT bust stop on Pine Tree Road and the East Hill Recreation Way

Pedestrians can cross Pine Tree Road from Honness Lane along the East Ithaca Recreation Way, or they can get off the TCAT bus right here.

This section of the path passes by the Town’s East Ithaca Nature Preserve. Check out my 76 second video about the trail:

Click here for a map of the Town of Ithaca’s parks and trails.