Pluto Falls

Pluto Falls in Watkins Glen State Park in New York's Finger Lakes region

Pluto Falls in the "Glen Arcadia" or "Frowning Cliff" section of Watkins Glen

No, it’s not named after the planet, nor the Disney dog. The “dwarf planet” Pluto was discovered by astronomers (1930) long after this waterfall in Watkins Glen State Park was named; in fact, the waterfall was named long before the park was created (1906).

Old guide book of Watkins Glen State Park showing Pluto Falls

An illustration of Pluto Falls in an 1870s guidebook to Watkins Glen, written by Morvalden Ells

Here’s how a guidebook from the 1870s described the twisted falls:

Description of Pluto Falls in Watkins Glen from the 1870s

I think Pluto Falls was named for “the ruler of underworld in classical mythology”, which, perhaps, this narrow and dark section of the glen suggested to Morvalden Ells, who wrote the guidebook. The name is still used today.