Taughannock Roars!

Thaw and heavy rain brought 215-feet-high Taughannock Falls to life, roaring with brown water on its way to Cayuga Lake. In this episode (#125) of Walk in the Park, we take a virtual walk up the gorge to the big show at the falls.

Watch it here online or on Ithaca, NY area cable TV channel 13 (and 97.1). First cablecast is 9 PM Thursday, January 14, 2016; then on Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM; finally at 8 PM Tuesday, January 19.

Then we go to Buttermilk Falls State Park and do another virtual walk on a loop around the Rim Trail, by the gorge of Buttermilk Glen. We also take a look at January deer hunting in the “Deer Management Focus Area” in Tompkins County. Finally, we report on the record January count of bald eagles at the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge at the north end of Cayuga Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes region.
Produced by Tony Ingraham, Owl Gorge Productions. Walk in the Park is our public access television series in Ithaca, NY, cablecast on channels 13 and 97.1. See all of our episodes and short videos on our vidblog.

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