Shindagin Hollow

Shindagin Hollow State Forest’s 5,266 acres make it five times larger than any of the several state parks in the Ithaca, NY area. In this episode (146) of Walk in the Park, we take a walk along the Finger Lakes Trail in Shindagin Hollow to its lovely little lean-to perched above the ravine of Shindagin Creek. We also look at the unusual balsam fir forest in Shindagin. And we take a broader look at Shindagin’s proximity to the great divide between north-flowing and south-flowing waterways, separating those¬†that flow to the St. Lawrence River from those that head south in the Susquehanna River to the Chesapeake Bay. Finally, we look at the ongoing effects of severe drought in the Finger Lakes region.

You can watch this half-hour episode right here (below), and you can catch it on Ithaca, NY cable channel 13 at these times for the 2017 cablecasts:

9:00 PM August 31, 2017 (Thursday)

2:30 PM Friday, September 1

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Walk in the Park is produced in Ithaca, NY at PEGASYS pubic access TV studio of Time Warner Cable by Tony Ingraham of Owl Gorge Productions (Take a look at our books about the area on our website!).