Carpenter Falls

Not all of the waterfalls in the Finger Lakes are around Ithaca, NY. 90-feet-high Carpenter Falls is at the head of Bear Swamp Creek Gorge on the southwest flank of Skaneateles Lake, two Finger Lakes east of Cayuga Lake. The falls themselves are in a NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Natural Area, which adjoins the Bahar Nature Preserve of the Finger Lakes Land Trust which includes most of the gorge all the way down to a canoe/kayak landing on Skaneateles Lake. Join Tony Ingraham as he guides us in exploring this park in episode 174 of Walk in the Park. Watch it here online or on Ithaca, NY public access TV cable channel 13 on the schedule below.

We start of this episode of Walk in the Park with some photos and a short discussion of this past weekend’s tragic and disturbing events in Charlottesville, VA where American Nazis and KKK white supremacists descended on Emancipation Park, the site of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that the City of Charlottesville has decided to remove. Tony once lived in Charlottesville, as did his parents for many years.

We finish this episode of Walk in the Park with a short video about some of the geology of the gorge at Watkins Glen State Park.

Ithaca, NY area channel 13 cablecast schedule (to be expanded soon):

9:00 PM, Thursday, August 17, 2017

10:00 AM & 8:00 PM, Saturday, August 19

10:00 AM & 8:30 PM, Sunday, August 20

11:30 AM & 8:00 PM, Tuesday, August 22

7:30 PM, Wednesday, August 23

Walk in the Park is a weekly public access cable TV series produced in Ithaca, NY by Tony Ingraham, Owl Gorge Productions, at PEGASYS Studio.

Have you seen Tony’s national-award-winning book about Watkins Glen State Park, A Walk Through Watkins Glen: Water’s Sculpture in Stone?

Waterless Falls

Watchable here online, and on Ithaca, NY area cable 13. Remaining cablecasts are at 10 AM Saturday and Sunday, August 6 & 7, 2016, and finally 8 PM Tuesday, August 9.

In this episode (144) of Walk in the Park, we look at the effect of continuing drought in the Finger Lakes which leaves little water to splash down our wonderful waterfalls in the region and even threatens the City of Ithaca’s water supply in Sixmile Creek. Meanwhile, the Finger Lakes Land Trust is raising funds to protect 12,000 feet of shoreline of Sixmile Creek. We rise up in the air for a beautiful ride over the Finger Lakes Land Trust’s Hinchcliff Family Preserve above the eastern shore of Skaneateles Lake. And we compare the nearly dry falls of Watkins Glen State Park with photos from wetter times. (Thanks to photographer Michael Fraser of Captured Moments Photography).

Walk in the Park is a weekly public access TV show produced in Ithaca, NY by Tony Ingraham, Owl Gorge Productions. Produced at PEGASYS Studios, Time Warner Cable.
See our national-award-winning book, A walk Through Watkins Glen-Water’s Sculpture in Stone.