What’s New in State Parks?

The Friends of Robert H. Treman State Park┬ásponsor this episode of Walk in the Park (161), featuring Finger Lakes State Parks Region environmental educator Josh Teeter. He explains some of the interesting things he gets involved in his job, including environmental education activities in state parks and environmental and cultural stewardship projects; such as protecting trees from insect pests, scaling loose rock on cliffs over trails, and wildlife conservation. Teeter shows us some of the new developments underway or planned for area state parks; including the overhaul of the main entrance at Watkins Glen State Park (with some of its planned interpretive facilities), the Black Diamond Trail, and a new bridge over the “fordway” to the campground at Robert H. Treman State Park.

Watch this episode online here (below) or on Ithaca cable channel 13 at the following times:

Thursday, March 2, 9:00 PM

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Walk in the Park is produced by Tony Ingraham, Owl Gorge Productions as an Ithaca, NY public access weekly television (PEGASYS) series shown on Ithaca area cable channel 13.

Bears on the Move!

Bear Trail in Ithaca, NY

Don’t worry! The Bear Trail in the upper section of Buttermilk Falls State Park in Ithaca, NY is not noted for common sightings of bears. Instead, over the years, an occasional bear has been seen to wander through this section of the park and the surrounding neighborhoods. You are not likely to encounter a bear in the park! (Note that bears on bicycles are not permitted!)

Young bears are being forced from their mothers’ territories to find their own way; and young adult males, in particular, may find your bird feeder, garbage cans, or compost pile this season. In this episode of Walk in the Park (#78), we look at our American black bear, its bear cousins around the world, and the expansion of bear territories into central New York. See photos and videos of bears in Ithaca and other places including Shenandoah National Park. And if you’re worried about grizzlies in the Canadian Rockies, learn about bear spray!

In 2014, the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation issued a new bear management plan.

Here’s the show, viewable on Ithaca’s public access cable channels 13 and 97.3, and right here!

Walk in the Park is produced by Owl Gorge Productions, publisher of ITHACA: the CITY, GORGES; and COLLEGES, A WALK THROUGH WATKINS GLEN: WATER’S SCULPTURE IN STONE; and TUX THE CAT and his EXOTIC EXPLOITS, all available online.