Lake Ontario: A Quest for Hope, Part 1

Walk in the Park episode 156. Watch it on Ithaca, NY TV or online right here! Cayuga Lake and all the other Finger Lakes are part of the Lake Ontario watershed, and what goes on in the watershed deeply affects the health of this easternmost of the five Great Lakes. We watch the first half of Susan Peterson Gately’s excellent and thorough environmental documentary, “Lake Ontario: A Quest for Hope.” We will show part 2 in the next episode of Walk in the Park. The schedule for Ithaca, NY area channel 13 cablecasts at this point is:

Thursday, Jan. 12, 9 PM

Friday Jan. 13, 11:30 AM, 3:30 PM, 8:30 PM

Saturday, Jan. 14, 10 AM

Sunday, Jan. 15, 10 AM; 7:30 PM

Monday, Jan. 16, 6:00 PM

Tuesday, Jan. 17, 8 PM

Additional cablecast times will be added soon. Or, watch it here now! (29 minutes)

Ms. Gately’s documentary is complementary to her book, Saving the Beautiful Lake: A Quest for Hope. Find out how to order this book and the DVD of this video.

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Interpreting Science and the Gulf of Mexico

In this episode (151) of Walk in the Park, we are in Corpus Christi, Texas. The vital role that park rangers and others who interpret our natural and cultural heritage play in communicating science to the public is the theme of a keynote address given by Dr. Larry McKinney of the Harte Research Institute at Texas A&M University to the annual conference of the NAI, the National Association for Interpretation, which I attended during the second week of November. He focuses our attention on the importance and health of the Gulf of Mexico, “America’s Sea.”

Watch this show on Ithaca, NY area public access TV cable channel 13 at the following times or watch it online on this page below!

9:00 PM, Thursday, November 24, 2016

10:00 AM, both Saturday and Sunday, November 26 & 27

8:00 PM, Tuesday, November 29

Find out more about the National Association for Interpretation.

This episode of Walk in the Park was produced by Tony Ingraham, Owl Gorge Productions, at PEGASYS public access TV studios in Ithaca, NY.