Ithaca Falls: March 2016 vs. March 2015

Finger Lakes Park Minute #56

The winters of 2015 and 2016 in Ithaca, NY could hardly have differed more. February 2015 was the coldest on record, while 2016’s winter could hardly be called a winter, it was so mild. In this Park Minute, we compare March at Ithaca Falls for both years.

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Gorges in Autumn

Walk in the Park episode 118. Watch it on TV or right here online. On Ithaca area Time Warner Cable channel 13 (and 97.1) it will be cablecast on Thursday, 10/22/15, at 9 PM; on Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM; and on Tuesday, 10/27, at 8 PM. Or right here anytime, anywhere!

As the world rolls into autumn in the northern hemisphere, so does our local landscape, including our fabulous gorges of the Finger Lakes in New York. We visit Cascadilla Glen, Ithaca Falls, Buttermilk Creek, the Entrance Gorge of Enfield Glen in Robert H. Treman State Park, and Taughannock Falls. Ithaca is Gorges at any time of year, but some of our gorges will close for the winter. We also look at fall from the air (courtesy of Bill Hecht) at Long Point State Park near Aurora on the east shore of Cayuga Lake and Myers Point Park in Lansing.

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Ithaca Falls Lead Legacy

Walk in the Park episode 117 takes us to Ithaca Falls in Ithaca, NY. Ithaca Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in New York State, and is a local iconic landmark. But in recent years, lead from a century of testing shotguns on the top of the cliff above at the famous Ithaca Gun Company has rained down upon the gorge, creating a toxic hazard to the public viewing the falls. In this episode of Walk in the Park, we visit the falls and this issue, following a second Environmental Protection Agency cleanup of the lead contamination.

Ithaca Falls is a city park in Ithaca, NY

Ithaca Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in New York State

You can watch this episode right here anytime, or you can watch it on TV in Ithaca on Time Warner Cable channel 13 (and 97.1). Remaining scheduled cablecasts are 10 AM both Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 17 & 18) and finally at 8 PM on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015. It lasts half an hour.

Environmental activist Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting, Inc. speaks out on inadequate measures taken so far to remove this hazard in this unusually beautiful and popular site. Find out what has been done to remove the lead, what is likely to happen next, and where lead contamination has not been found near the falls.

We finish this show with a beautiful panorama of the entire length of Canandaigua Lake created from fourteen photographs taken and stitched by nature photographer Nigel Peter Benson Kent. I pan the panorama in a short video, set to music.

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Climate Warrior!

This week’s episode of Walk in the Park (#113) features a short video of “Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, who was raised in the Aztec tradition, [who] spoke earnestly to the United Nations General Assembly June 29 challenging the representatives to make ‘great decisions,’ and take immediate action on climate change.” (Indian Country Today Media Referred by Ganondagan State Historic Site in Victor, NY, the only state historic site in New York dedicated to the interpretation of Native American history and culture. Ganondagan will have its grand opening of its new visitor center and museum in October.

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In this episode, we also enjoy another “Park Minute” called “Rounding a Rock at Six Mile Creek” in the Six Mile Creek Natural Area in Ithaca, NY. And singer-songwriters Susan Lytle and Will Fudeman entertain us with a performance of “Break Down” at Buttermilk Falls State Park. And in another “Glimpse of Nature,” we stand near Ithaca Falls in the golden light near the end of the day.
Also, we watch an Aircrane helicopter make two water drops over a forest fire in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks in California, and discuss the relationship between the unprecedented western fires and climate change.
Finally, we watch a 30-second time-lapse video of sunrise over Ithaca, NY from Cass Park, filmed by Joe Scaglione III of Ithaca.

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Falls and Lakes

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In this episode (106) of Walk in the Park, we compare Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca before and during the recent heavy rain. Then we look at Hector Falls by Seneca Lake,  Ithaca Falls on Fall Creek, and then we’ll pop over to Owasco Lake, our Finger Lakes neighbor to the east. We’ll travel the length of the lake and visit parks at either end. Finally, we’ll start a discussion of “Grand Canyons” across America with a peek at the “Grand Canyon of Maine.”

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Hook Mountain on the Hudson

Hook Mountain is near the northern end of the Palisades cliffs that extend along the west shore of the Hudson River from New Jersey across from Manhattan well up into Rockland County, NY. Join naturalist Tony Ingraham as he hikes along the Hudson and 700 feet above the river on a late-April day, in Hook Mountain State Park, Nyack Beach State Park, and Rockland Lake State Park, including a section of the Long Path.
Also, we will visit Robert H. Treman and Buttermilk Falls State Parks in Ithaca, NY, Watkins Glen State Park, and Ithaca Falls in Ithaca, NY.

This episode (#102) will be cablecast on Ithaca, NY cable channels 13 and 97.3 on

Thursday, 4/30/15 at 9:00 pm

Saturday, 5/2/15 at 10:00 am

Sunday, 5/3/15 at 10 am

Tuesday, 5/5/15 at 8:00 pm

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Spring Thaw at the Falls

Our Finger Lakes Park Minute #39. The City of Ithaca, NY is framed by two big waterfalls. Both put on a show when the water is high. Ithaca Falls is at the City’s northeast corner. Buttermilk Falls is at Ithaca’s southwest boundary.

Produced by Owl Gorge Productions.
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Finger Lakes Park Minute: Slow Thaw at Ithaca Falls

Finger Lakes Park Minute #37.

February’s heavy armor of ice on the face of Ithaca Falls yields very slowly to the reluctant approach of spring. In Ithaca, NY in New York’s Finger Lakes region, near south end of Cayuga Lake.

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Ithaca Falls Ice!

Our newest Finger Lakes Park Minute! As winter gives up stubbornly to the official arrival of spring this week, we take a short look back to the enormous cladding of ice on the face of 150-feet-high Ithaca Falls earlier in March.

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How Much Did Cayuga Lake Freeze?

February 2015 was the coldest month on record in the Ithaca area, in New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes region. And this winter was the first time Cayuga Lake came close to freezing over end-to-end since 1979. And from many perspectives on this lake that stretches beyond anyone’s horizon, at least while they are standing on the ground, Cayuga Lake did appear to be totally covered by a layer of ice, however thick or thin. In this 100th episode of Walk in the Park, let’s take a look at the evidence of Cayuga Lake’s freeze, from land and sky, and even from space!

This episode of Walk in the Park will continue showing this Saturday and Sunday morning at 10 AM on Ithaca’s public access cable TV channels 13 and 97,3, and finally on Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, at 8 PM. And you can watch it right here online at any time!

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