Tweet in the Park

Episode 158 of Walk in the Park

The National Park Service has run afoul the politics of the Trump administration starting on inauguration day. We’ll look at this, and then cover the spectacular Women’s March on Ithaca the next day. And to lighten the mood, we’ll go to Jones Beach State Park last summer, and to Watkins Glen State Park.

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Sandy Slams Seashore Parks

Hurricane Sandy, Jones Beach State Park boardwalk damage

Hurricane Sandy heavily damaged the boardwalk at Jones Beach State Park on Long Island. Photo by Joe Rao

This week, Walk in the Park TV goes to coastal New Jersey and Long Island to look at the damage from Hurricane Sandy to state and national parks and communities on the barrier islands. We also also look at Sandy’s snow in the mountains and national parks of Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. And we finish with a walk along the surf of Fire Island listening to the poetry of Walt Whitman. Walk in the Park episode 27, recorded 11/7/12.

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