Ticking Lyme Bomb


Adult and nymph deer tick

Lyme disease and its cousins have become epidemic in our part of the country. Most of us know someone, or may be someone, who has had Lyme. And now we are entering the most active season for us to be at risk for getting this terrible affliction.

In the spring of 2014, Ithaca area herbalist and educator Becca Harber gave a workshop at Greenstar Cooperative Market in Ithaca entitled, “Lyme Disease: Prevention and Care.” I videoed the workshop and separated it into three parts to show as a series in my weekly Ithaca public access TV show, Walk in the Park. Ithaca public access TV station, PEGASYS,

You can stream the three episodes here on this website anytime.

Part 1         Part 2        Part 3

Pdf files of handouts distributed at the beginning of the workshop are available on the page for Part 1.