Wild Cayuga Lake Shore

Walk in the Park episode 84

There is precious little wild, natural shoreline along most of the Finger Lakes, including the longest Finger Lake, Cayuga Lake. The Finger Lakes Land Trust has made a priority to protect remaining wild shorelines. In this episode (#84), we visit some wild shore on the west side of Cayuga Lake by boat (the MV Haendel of Ithaca Boat Tours) before it was protected, and now, on foot, when it is part of the VanRiper Conservation Area and Whitlock Nature Preserve. This episode finishes off with a Park Minute: Skylight on Buttermilk Creek.

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Park Minute: A Tour of Ithaca’s Views

Winner, best “short subject” cablecast in 2013 on Ithaca, NY’s public access TV!

Ithaca, NY is known for its beautiful natural surroundings. Situated at the south end of Cayuga Lake, the longest of the eleven Finger Lakes in central New York, and surrounded by hills with farms, forests, gorges, and waterfalls, Ithaca is blessed with unusually high quality scenery. The Town of Ithaca, which surrounds the City, and its Conservation Board have established a scenic route on roads throughout the town and has published a map and guide that are free to the public, either in paper at Town Hall on Tioga Street in downtown Ithaca and at the Tompkins County Visitors Center on East Shore Drive, or as a downloadable pdf from the Town website.

This episode of Park Minute (#8) takes us on a quick trip along the scenic route. See episode #57 of Walk in the Park TV for a more in-depth exploration of this trip and the many sights along the way. And check out other episodes of Park Minute.

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