Digging up a Ship!

Since 1998, Cornell University archeologist Sherene Baugher and her classes have been unearthing the 19th century hamlet of Enfield Falls in Robert H. Treman State Park near Ithaca, NY. But before that, Dr. Baugher was the first city archeologist for NYC. In this illustrated presentation, she compares her work in the Big Apple with that in our “Little Apple,” as she calls it. In this episode, she oversees the excavation of an early 18th century ship in Manhattan!

This episode (#127) of Walk in the Park can be seen right here (below), and it is cablecast on Ithaca area channel 13 (and 97.1) tonight at 9 PM (Thursday, Jan. 28), on Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM, and finally next Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 8 PM.

This is the first part of a presentation Prof. Baugher gave at Kendal of Ithaca on January 24, 2016, sponsored by the Friends of Robert H. Treman State Park. The remainder of her presentation will be featured in future episodes of Walk in the Park. Produced by Tony Ingraham of Owl Gorge Productions. See all of our episodes of Walk in the Park.